Make Way for Ducklings

Wheelock Family Theatre and Boston University 

Virtual Workshop 


Director: Emily Ranii

Lighting Designer: Anna Breveti 

Sound Designer: Sean Doyle

Scenic Designer: James Rotondo III

Music Director: Dan Rodriguez

Choreographer: Kira Troilo 

Costume Designer: Kevin Hutchins

Stage Manager: Natalie Main 

Assistant Stage Manager: Sierra Hoss 


The Workshop used both live and prerecorded content to create a show that utilized the new technology in the online theatre while presenting a classic Boston story. 

Using the software OBS we were able to switch between pre-recorded content for the music and choreography to live for the scenes. Meanwhile, all streamed on Youtube and receiving audience interaction through the online chat. 

This process offered many new experiences for me as a stage manager. From learning how to navigate and troubleshoot new software. Learning how to schedule and run many filming rehearsals. All while exploring and developing a new children's musical. Recording rehearsals in person at the public garden versus recording rehearsals entirely over zoom. 

This process required adaptability from all members of the team as we were all working in uncharted territory. As a stage management team, we created new paperwork specific to the unique calling style of zoom theatre. Create personalized paperwork for the actors to assist them while not being in the same place.